JScript errors as warnings in Visual Studio 2008 RTM

Now Visual Studio 2008 code named Orcas is out of door with incredible features. The most highly anticipated feature of this release is JScript Authoring Services which includes JavaScript Intellisense and JavaScript Syntax Checking. In the final version of Visual Studio 2008, with default profile settings VS shows all JScript/JavaScript syntax errors as warnings and…


JScript Performance Update for IE6 users

Sometime back Don blogged about Windows Script 5.7 release. We got lots of feedback on this, people asked for making this as an automatic update and support for 64 bit platform. The good news is that we have heard you. The biggest fix in JScript was the improvements done in Garbage Collection which improved the…


ECMAScript, Mashups, and Security

A mashup composes a web application by combining programs and data services from multiple originators, and delivers it for presentation on a single web page. Usually, these programs and services interact with each other – housing maps being the canonical example.   The same origin policy (SOP) governs access control in today’s browsers. It prevents…


Writing for JScript Intellisense in VS 2008

Since we release JSript intellisense in Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, there has been some queries on why JScript intellisense behaves in a certain way.  I wish to tell you that intellisense in a dynamic language like JScript is based on certain heuristics.  We try our best to guess the runtime behavior and provide what…


Classes in JScript – Part III: Class Hierarchy and Data Encapsulation

In this post I will be discussing how one can achieve Class Hierarchy and Data Encapsulation in JScript. I will take the same example that was used for the first and second parts and will keep updating it as and when required.   function Rectangle (ht, wt) {                 this.height = ht;                 this.width=wt; }…


ECMAScript 3 and beyond

The web has become the primary global computing platform tying together hundreds of millions of sites. In the eight years since the release of the ECMAScript Language Specification 3rd Edition (ES3), ECMAScript (commonly known as JavaScript™ or JScript ™) has grown in importance as one of the key technologies of the web.   The specification…


Performance issues with "String Concatenation" in JScript.

Hello Friends, I am Jaiprakash and work as a Developer in the Jscript team. There is not much to tell about me except one fact – I can’t recall the last time when any of my teammates called me by my name, they just call me JPJ.  I know, you have seen pretty cool blogs…


Classes in JScript – Part II: Instance Properties / Methods & Class Properties / Methods

  In this post I will discuss more about the Instance Properties & Instance Methods and Class Properties and Class Methods. I will take the same example that was used for the first part and will keep updating it as and when required.   function Rectangle (ht, wt) {                 this.height = ht;                 this.width=wt;…


Appropriate forums to ask questions regarding JScript.

We have created new forum for asking questions related to JScript. The forum link is given below: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=1861&SiteID=1 JScript.NET questions http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=47&SiteID=1 Managed JScript that ships with Silverlight http://silverlight.net/forums/16.aspx Please select appropriate forums based on your question. If you want to know the difference between different flavors of JScript please refer to this blog. Thanks, Don…


Javascript Intellisense and Coloring Issues in VS 2008 Beta 2

We have come across a couple of installation issues in VS 2008 Beta 2 which broke the new Javascript functionalities in certain scenarios.  While a workaround has already been provided in the online refresh of the ReadMe text, I thought I would also put it down here in case any of you hit the problem….