The Heroes Happen Here comic rolls on with lots of good stuff…

I’ve been making a point of reading the “Heroes Happen Here” online comic because it’s just a pure delight for me.  It’s told a fun, albeit slightly far-fetched story that has brought our heroes all around the world in an effort to stop a nasty virus that’s hit computers all over the world. The guys have…


Windows SDK DevCenter

One of the most fun tasks I’ve done as a member is this team has been to post our MSDN Developer Center. This site is intended to be a one-stop portal for all issues pertaining to the Windows SDK, including download information, our latest release notes, links to our release notes, other helpful downloads, privacy policy, technical…


Xperf, a new tool in the Windows SDK

Richard Russell (aka RGR) of the Windows Fundamentals team has posted a really nice description of Windows Performance Tool Kit, a new tool we’re shipping with the latest version of the Windows SDK. As he says, “Xperf is an important tool for anyone doing system performance work on Windows because it’s specifically designed to give you…


Windows SDK RTM is live!

Whoo hoo! The Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 is now live and ready for your download in either ISO or Web Setup format. There’s scads and scads of new content in this release – content that my colleague Barry has listed in his post to the Windows SDK Team Blog….


Heroes Happen Here online comic

Anyone who knows much about me knows I’m a big comic book fan. So it’s been especially fun to be a small part of a new online comic that Microsoft and Seagate are working on that is intended to highlight the great work that developers and IT professionals around the world perform. The strip will…


Thanksgiving week at Microsoft

There are certain times of the year at Microsoft that I like to think of as “golden time,” when email is slower, meetings are fewer, and we all have more time to stretch out and dive deep into tasks that we never usually seem to have sufficient time for. One of those “golden times” is…


Windows SDK MVP Chat Nov. 6th

Hey, if you’re a Microsoft MVP of any type, stop by and join our Windows SDK chat tomorrow morning. We consider MVPs to be some of the most thoughtful and involved users that we have, and we have these chats in order to strive to become more connected with your feedback. Often the requests we…


Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008: moving along, getting closer

Today we hit the first of a series of ZBBs for our next release, the Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008. At the same time, we’re essentially closing up work on our components in Visual Studio 2008. Working on these two releases has made for one of the most interesting years of my professional life….


Coming soon (probably): Windows SDK Version header

I’m excited to announce that in the RTM Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 release, we’ll be considering adding a new file to the SDK that many users have been asking for: a way to determine which build of the SDK is installed on disk, and a way to determine what the highest available versions…


Windows SDK for Windows 2008 Pre-release is live

Our frighteningly productive team has just published yet another release live. The Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 is now live and ready for download. This a pre-release SDK that exposes the latest headers, libs, tools and other files intended for development using Framework 3.5 and/or targeting Windows Server 2008. When I…