Thanksgiving week at Microsoft

There are certain times of the year at Microsoft that I like to think of as “golden time,” when email is slower, meetings are fewer, and we all have more time to stretch out and dive deep into tasks that we never usually seem to have sufficient time for. One of those “golden times” is…


Windows SDK MVP Chat Nov. 6th

Hey, if you’re a Microsoft MVP of any type, stop by and join our Windows SDK chat tomorrow morning. We consider MVPs to be some of the most thoughtful and involved users that we have, and we have these chats in order to strive to become more connected with your feedback. Often the requests we…


Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008: moving along, getting closer

Today we hit the first of a series of ZBBs for our next release, the Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008. At the same time, we’re essentially closing up work on our components in Visual Studio 2008. Working on these two releases has made for one of the most interesting years of my professional life….


Coming soon (probably): Windows SDK Version header

I’m excited to announce that in the RTM Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 release, we’ll be considering adding a new file to the SDK that many users have been asking for: a way to determine which build of the SDK is installed on disk, and a way to determine what the highest available versions…


Windows SDK for Windows 2008 Pre-release is live

Our frighteningly productive team has just published yet another release live. The Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 is now live and ready for download. This a pre-release SDK that exposes the latest headers, libs, tools and other files intended for development using Framework 3.5 and/or targeting Windows Server 2008. When I…


Same job, new role

After two years of working as the Setup and Communities PM on the Windows SDK, I’m switching over to a new role within my same team. I’m now taking on a whole set of new tasks: Online release notes Offline release notes Vista logo compliance APIScan Headers & libs SWI for headers & libs Identifying…


Windows SDK Setup: "File failed to download because the user cancelled the operation."

Probably the most common mail I get from users about the SDK setup is some variation of this mail: I am attaching the SDK Setup log. Can you tell from this why the SDK will not install on my machine? I have tried twice, but it stops and says “failed to install” just a few minutes…


New position now opening on the Windows SDK development team!

Do you like to create useful tools to help your colleagues be more productive? Are you frustrated by huge software projects that take years to ship? Would you like to work on small, delivery focused projects where you have lots of creative input, authority and responsibility, projects that get used immediately? The Windows SDK team…


Windows Live Search: some things I really like

This is one of those posts where I have to state my biases up front because people tend to have strong opinions about it. Like everyone, I’ve always liked to use Google. I started using the site pretty much when it first appeared on my radar, and like everyone else I was shocked by the…


Windows SDK download and SQM data

I thought you might enjoy hearing about what the Windows SDK’s download and user-submitted data are looking like. This data is as of May 7th, 2007. Successful downloads of the Windows Vista Client RTM:ISO 335,909, 37%Web 577,760, 63%Total 912,850 The trend towards a higher percentage of web downloads continues. In February 60% of all users…