Side by Side by Side by Side

We just had a beautiful spring weekend here in the Seattle area. I spent much of the weekend around stately Sacks Mansion (ha!) pulling weeds, cutting grass, and thinking about the Windows SDK’s side by side story. What can I say; I can’t help but to obsess about work. And besides, I had to think…


Troubleshooting sample build issues on x64

My friend Karin Meier has written a nice four-part blog entry on how to resolve sample build issues in the Windows SDK on x64 machines. It’s a terrific article to look at if you’re having any sorts of problems with that sort of work, so check it out if you’re interested.


The Windows SDK team is looking for a Tools Program Manager

Looking to join an fast-paced and exciting team at Microsoft? Looking to help drive our strategy around delivering both .NET Framework and C++ tools to a large and passionate audience of users? Then consider applying for a Program Manager position on the Windows SDK team. If you have experience as a developer, technical content creator, software…