Windows SDK: Help us do our final bug scrub

As the Windows SDK edges ever closer to RTM, we’re in an odd point, halfway between finishing up the final details for our major RTM release and getting started on our next release, the Visual Studio “Orcas” SDK.


As we finish with this release, I’d like to ask two things of you. First, if you encounter any problems installing a pre-release version of the SDK, please send me mail along with your log. Even if you have worked through the problems, please still send us information. We are working hard to make our setup as bulletproof as possible for this release, and any additional data you give us would be extremely helpful.


Secondly, if there is anything you want to see in future releases, anything at all, please let us know. We listen to all user feedback, and we will consider any ideas you have. So please take a few minutes and share your wish list with us. You very well might see it in a future SDK release.

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