Korean rap for Visual Studio Team System

Looks like our compatriots in Korea are excited about Visual Studio Team System. Wow, they look like a fun team to work for… (note that you may need to download a Korean language pack to be able to view the page. But it’s worth the wait)


WinFX Runtime Components – November CTP is live on MSDN

The November WinFX CTP went live on MSDN lat night. There is lots of new content in the SDK, including additional API information and many bug fixes. However, it’s not a fully polished product. The December CTP is the target for many of our UI and setup changes. I recommend looking at the ReadMe before installing,…


Closing in on Beta 2

The Windows SDK team is closing in on Beta 2. We have about two weeks left in our dev cycle, after which test does their full pass while we PMs start thinking about RC0 coming early next year. For me, as a PM who joined this team just as we were locking down on Beta…


The Joy of Integration

The big work task for my team this week has been integrating the WinFX SDK content into the Windows SDK. This hasn’t been nearly as painful as I expected it to be, but it still has been a complicated task. Our builds are produced out of what we call the BOM, which is a database…


"Make It Easier"

Last week the Microsoft MVP summit occurred on our campus, and I had the pleasure of sitting in on two sessions about our SDKs. The sessions were basically open forums where the MVPs gave us their advice and opinions on how we could make our SDKs better. The most common thread could be summed up…


Nektar’s List of Problems with the SDKs

Last Tuesday I received a very interesting response to a post I made. A user calling himself “Nektar” posted a laundry list of issues he and others have with our SDKs, and, by extension, learing about and using Microsoft applications. It was an interesting post, and I thank “Nektar” very much for posting it. I…


What We Learned From You at the PDC

Thanks to everyone who stopped off to talk to us at our booth at the PDC. My team is in the process of collating our notes and coming up with action plans for implementing some of the ideas you recommended. Here are the top five bullet points I got from talking to you: Users don’t…


PDC: Days Three and Four

Thursday September 17, 2005 The session on creating graphics using WPF/Avalon was terrific. The combination of relatively easy writing of code with amazing results makes this new platform a real no-brainer for many users. There was real excitement on this front, based in part on a demo in one of the keynotes, and we got…


PDC: Day Three Notes 3:30 pm

More booth time today. Slower traffic, but the booths are definitely a fun place to work. The mix of people wandering past is terrific. I had a great chat with a guy who writes books on intelligent computing, essentially computing that tries to take human interface as a paradigm for the ways people interact with…


PDC: Day Two Notes

Started the morning at the Pavilion and continued the fun I had last night. Got another question about graphics in WinFX. One guy was specifically interested in the code behind the app. I told him to come back and talk to Mitch, since he’s obviously our expert on Mantis. Lots of people seemed to be…