Podcast on Premier Support for Developers and Surface!

Yesterday TechNet Radio posted an episode of their podcast that featured Premier Support for Developers and Surface. I partnered with Lex Thomas on the podcast and shared some of the support options available for developers from Microsoft.   https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/TechNet+Radio/TechNet-Radio-Taste-of-Premier-Premier-Support-for-Developers–Surface-Surface-Surface Please check it out and leave a comment on the Channel 9 site.  

Creating video for Surface in Adobe Premiere CS6

The Adobe Media Encoder included with Adobe Premiere CS6 allows you to target multiple platforms. For example, the video you create, you might want to render the final video for Youtube, Facebook, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and Blu-Ray. Surface came out well after CS6 so the list of presets does not include Surface. This week I…