Using Cloud Services from Second Life

I was playing around with building scripted objects in Second Life and ran across a function to pull text from the web. I thought it might be neat to create Live Messenger buddy object in Second Life that showed whether I was online or offline. I figured I could query the Windows Live Presence API…


The Ingenuity Point Contest

June 26 – October 31 2007 Microsoft is holding a contest to showcase applications written for healthcare, clean technology, and education. Just looking through the People’s Choice Gallery… some neat entries and pretty good odds of winning a trip to France.      

Prolog.NET? You bet!

Eugene Asahara has launched The same idea of soft coding UI and data has been extended to program logic. Eugene’s implementation is a clever update to prolog to bring it into the world of SQL, XML, and .NET.    


Windows for Musicians

Jim Owen, a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft, made a clever song using keyboards and the Windows sounds. Have a listen.  


Partner Services Hiring – Bay Area – App. Dev. Consultant

Are you gosu with .NET? Email me your resume. I’ll get the full job description posted on the careers site soon. Deep .Net development expertise n       C#, J# if possible n       Extensive experience with performance testing and optimization of .Net applications, and ASP.Net on IIS optimization o        Profiling o        Debugging with symbols and trouble…


The Excel Web Query and Predicting the Washington State Governor’s Race

Web Queries in Excel let you grab tabular data off of a web page without writing any code or messing with web services. I use this feature all the time as a manager trying to grab internal business data off of many different systems in order to analyze it. In this example, I build a…


Eugene’s blog online

Check it out. One of the most brilliant people I know: