The Excel Web Query and Predicting the Washington State Governor’s Race

Web Queries in Excel let you grab tabular data off of a web page without writing any code or messing with web services. I use this feature all the time as a manager trying to grab internal business data off of many different systems in order to analyze it. In this example, I build a…


Eugene’s blog online

Check it out. One of the most brilliant people I know:  


About Jeremy Rule

Work I’m an engagement manager in Partner Services at Microsoft. We work with other software companies to help their development activities and ultimately decrease their time to market. You can find us on the web or email me if you want more information on Partner Advantage. Background I live in North Bend, Washington with my…

Dynamic Image Generation with ASP.Net

I’ve was playing around with image generation. Below is a picture of Josh who is a very interesting guy. His picture worked quite well because it was a clean slate to write text on. The HTML tag <img src=””> produces:   And <img src=””> shows:   And here is the code for the aspx file: 1<%@…

13 Photoshop Contest

“Photoshop what the classic Nintendo games would have been like had they been owned by Microsoft originally” A few of my favorites:    


Data Protection API (DPAPI)

I’ve noticed that some recent blog entries talk about the new .NET framework supporting Data Protection API. What is the Data Protection API? The DPAPI is used to hide secrets like connection strings and user credentials that are typically stored in a config file. Instead of storing the plain text, you can use DPAPI to…


99 Bottles Of Beer

Many years ago (1994) programmer, and my geek idol, Tim Robinson compiled a list of ways to output the lyrics to the song 99 Bottles of Beer. It started with someone posting to a mailing list the entire lyrics to the song and then someone else replied with a Basic version of the song: 10…


Giant Fresnel Lens

I found a company that sells giant fresnel lenses. What is a Fresnel lens? Think of a lighthouse or the top of an overhead projector. As light goes through the lens, spiral cut ridges focus the light to a focal point. You end up with the equivalent of a giant magnifying glass or parabolic mirror….


Partner Advantage Launched

If you are a partner (System Integrator or Independent Software Vendor) and you would like services, Partner Advantage has launched: I’m an engagement manager in this group and our goal is pretty straightforward: decrease your time-to-market. How do we do that? Code reviews, architecture reviews, scalability labs, break-fix work (e.g. why isn’t this API working?),…


AnandTech’s move to .NET

Hardware mega site Anandtech documented the history of their web site including the move to .NET. Cool stuff.