Podcast on Premier Support for Developers and Surface!

Yesterday TechNet Radio posted an episode of their podcast that featured Premier Support for Developers and Surface. I partnered with Lex Thomas on the podcast and shared some of the support options available for developers from Microsoft.   https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/TechNet+Radio/TechNet-Radio-Taste-of-Premier-Premier-Support-for-Developers–Surface-Surface-Surface Please check it out and leave a comment on the Channel 9 site.  

Creating video for Surface in Adobe Premiere CS6

The Adobe Media Encoder included with Adobe Premiere CS6 allows you to target multiple platforms. For example, the video you create, you might want to render the final video for Youtube, Facebook, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and Blu-Ray. Surface came out well after CS6 so the list of presets does not include Surface. This week I…

Using Cloud Services from Second Life

I was playing around with building scripted objects in Second Life and ran across a function to pull text from the web. I thought it might be neat to create Live Messenger buddy object in Second Life that showed whether I was online or offline. I figured I could query the Windows Live Presence API…


The Ingenuity Point Contest

June 26 – October 31 2007 http://www.theingenuitypoint.com/main/default.aspx Microsoft is holding a contest to showcase applications written for healthcare, clean technology, and education. Just looking through the People’s Choice Gallery… some neat entries and pretty good odds of winning a trip to France.      

Prolog.NET? You bet!

Eugene Asahara has launched SoftCodedLogic.com. The same idea of soft coding UI and data has been extended to program logic. Eugene’s implementation is a clever update to prolog to bring it into the world of SQL, XML, and .NET.    


Windows for Musicians

Jim Owen, a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft, made a clever song using keyboards and the Windows sounds. Have a listen.  


Partner Services Hiring – Bay Area – App. Dev. Consultant

Are you gosu with .NET? Email me your resume. I’ll get the full job description posted on the microsoft.com careers site soon. Deep .Net development expertise n       C#, J# if possible n       Extensive experience with performance testing and optimization of .Net applications, and ASP.Net on IIS optimization o        Profiling o        Debugging with symbols and trouble…