Release Explorer for Visual Studio Beta: Update

Hello, To give everyone a update, I am currently finishing up the integration of VSO/RMO. With the next release of Release Explorer, you will be able to do both on prem and VSO. I am hoping to have this done by the mid to end of June. There are a lot of changes happening with…


Release Explorer for Visual Studio Beta

For some time now, I have been working on a update to my Deployment Explorer that was built for the project formally known as DevOps. I always get requests from my customers and emails from people who are using the Deployment Explorer to update the explorer to work with Release Mgt. So, I said what…


Modern DevOps Tools

Hey everyone,    Been awhile since I posted anything, been really busy. I just wanted to update everyone on a CodePlex project I have created with some of my co workers – Modern DevOps Tools. The site is based around building tools that uses recommended practices that will work inside of your continuous delivery cycle….


Channel 9 video – Introducing DevOps Workbench Express Edition for Visual Studio 2012

You can watch the full video here:   Interview: Brian Keller interviews Casey O’Mara about another great Visual Studio Rangers project – DevOps Workbench Express Edition. This free tool available on Visual Studio Gallery, and Codeplex is designed to help small to medium teams manage their releases and push them from Team Foundation Server…


DevOps Workbench Express Edition Release for Visual Studio 2012

The ALM Rangers currently released the DevOps Workbench Express Edition guidance to Codeplex (here) and the download to Visual Studio Gallery. DevOps Deployment is based around build once, and deploy to multiple environments.  DevOps Workbench Express Edition specifically targets the small organization with multiple personas.   This will work inside of your continuous delivery cycle to provide…


Targeted for Visual Studio 2012 – DevOps Deployment Workbench Express Edition

New Video posted today by my good friend and team mate on YouTube about the DevOps Workbench Express Edition and how to do your very own custom deployment.  Casey and I will be doing several more, and interviewing people from the team on how to use the Workbench for everyday deployments, and even going into more…


BRDLite V2.0 is Released to the Public!

After a few weeks of silent ship, which did not reveal any showstoppers, we would like to announce thegeneral availability of BRDLite on Codeplex. Kudos to John Jacob and Myself, the co-leads of the project, and the team, for this achievement which is especially important for our future ambitions in this area. It  is a…


Presented at the Virginia Software Developers Group

Hello, had a great time seeing all the Virginia developers at the September version of the Virginia Software Developers Group. We talked about what’s new in TFS 2012 and my special topic  “BRDLite Suite v2.0”. We had a great turnout and I hope BRDLite will catch on and they will be able to implement some…


SharePoint Software Development Lifecycle using TFS 2012 Part 1

Most companies I have been working with have a lot of problems trying to adopt to a SDLC model with SharePoint and TFS (Team Foundation Server). I will go over some if the pain points, recommended practices and ways to adhere to the practices in your own shop.  If you are like most shops, you have multiple teams…


Visual Studio ALM videos at Microsoft TechEd 2011

Hello Everyone, Here is a blog post from Visual Studio Architecture, Visualization, Modeling, and UML Tools blog site. This blog post talks about what was presented at TechEd 2011 for Visual Studio ALM. Take a look… Happy Coding!