Modern DevOps Tools

Hey everyone,

   Been awhile since I posted anything, been really busy. I just wanted to update everyone on a CodePlex project I have created with some of my co workers - Modern DevOps Tools. The site is based around building tools that uses recommended practices that will work inside of your continuous delivery cycle. Right now, I have up the DevOps Build Template that has all the goodies!

  • Assembly Versioning
  • Branch Specification
  • Code Analysis
    • Cat.Net
    • FxCop
    • StyleCop
    • Code Metrics
    • SharePoint Dispose Check
  • Build Reports for Continuous Delivery
  • Email
  • Code Signing
  • Auto Deployments using DSC (Desired State Configuration) - Coming soon
  • Auto Deployments using RM (Release Management) - Coming soon - 2013 version
  • Quick Use Guide

TFS 2013 build template is coming soon! Please go check it out and provide feedback on the tools we have and any other tools you would like to see.



Comments (1)

  1. Darrin says:

    Looks great.

    I have downloaded the code and looking at the 2013 version.

    Do you have any plans to update it.

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