BRDLite V2.0 is Released to the Public!

After a few weeks of silent ship, which did not reveal any showstoppers, we would like to announce the
general availability of BRDLite on Codeplex. Kudos to John Jacob and Myself, the co-leads of the project, and the team, for this achievement which is especially important for our future ambitions in this area. It  is a stepping stone to our DevOps future.

Please help us spread the news by blogging. Use this email as a starting point or refer to the Rangers blog.

Project Description

The Build Release and Deploy (BRD) Lite is a set of build process reference templates that allows you to quickly setup a real-world build process in your environment. It leverages extensions from Community TFS Build Extensions, which provide capabilities for your Team Foundation builds such as automatic compile, build version number customization, build packaging, code signing, basic deployment functionality, and environment configuration file management into your Team Foundation builds.

The “Lite” comes from a build template that you or your Build administrators can use “out of the box” for most scenarios. Of course, you can always customize and extend as needed.


  • As Abu, the build master, I would like a number of BRDLite reference templates, which implement scenario based custom activities
  • As Abu, the build master, I need guidance on extending the BRDLite reference template with new custom activities
  • As Abu, the build master, I would like to understand the changes and impact of Visual Studio 2012 on BRDLite


Bijan Javidi, Brandon Hawbaker, Jim Lamb, John Jacob, John Spinella, Mike Fourie, Richard Fennell, William Bartholomew, Willy-Peter Schaub

Future plans

BRDLite is our 1st investment in DevOps domain which is one of our focus areas in future. Actually, with the announcement of Rangers FY13 triage #3 a couple of weeks ago, the future has already started. DevOps is the new Ranger project which extends BRDLite to the next level. As usual, it is the Rangers way of converting hype and buzz into pragmatic hands-on solutions.

Stay tuned!

Happy Coding!


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