Announcing OneCode Sample Browser v5 – A Big Refresh with Expansion to 3500+ code samples, Favorite Searches, Flexibilities & More

In partnership with MSDN Samples Gallery, OneCode this morning is releasing a brand new version
for its Sample Browser, which introduces a big search expansion
to over 3500 quality code samples from MSDN Samples Gallery,
the new "Favorites" functions for managing your beloved samples, the integration
of social media sharing, the enriched query conditions & more.  Its
Zune-style user experience is still stunning.   This is a big refresh of Sample
Browser since the last release half a year ago.  We sincerely hope that
worldwide developers will love it!


New Features

1. Expansion to
Searching and Downloading 3500+ code samples

The new Sample Browser is
expanded to search and download over 3500 samples from MSDN Samples Gallery -
including 800+ Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework samples,
480+ Windows 8 Beta samples, 600+ Windows
Forms, ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF samples, and a lot more.  This is the
biggest feature added to the new Sample Browser.  Please search and download the
samples e.g. All-In-One Code Framework and enjoy the new experience!

Favorite Samples and Favorite

3. Social Media

Ever wondered how the social
media is discussing about certain samples or wanted to quickly share some
samples to your twitter or Facebook account?  With the social media integration
feature added to Sample Browser v5, these can be done with one simple click.

When you are browsing a sample
in Sample Browser, you can switch to the “social” tab.

will see all Twitter discussions about the sample.   You can also quickly share
the sample in your social media accounts e.g. Twitter, by clicking the twitter

4. Flexibility in
downloading and managing samples

We heard lots of customer
voice for the flexibility in downloading new samples, downloading only sample
updates and deleting samples from the local repository.  With the new release,
you gain the full flexibility now!

In the search result list,
select or multiple select (by pressing Ctrl / Shift / Ctrl+A) samples and right
click.  Then you can enjoy the flexibility to download samples, download only
the sample updates if available, cancel the downloading samples, delete the
sample from local repository, or redownload the samples.

Enriched Sample Query Conditions

The search condition bar is
enriched to provide more options for filtering the samples.   We newly added
“Author” – so you can filter samples by author name e.g. “All-In-One Code
Framework”.  We also added the “Affiliation” filter – so you can find samples
that are officially published by Microsoft.  We are also support Visual Studio
11 Beta samples, Visual Studio LightSwitch samples, and more

6. Over
20 other new features, performance improvements, and bug

Besides the above features,
there are over 20 relatively small features and performance improvements, bug
fixes. For example, we added a “cancel” button to allow you to cancel the sample

We added a
search result cache to improve the search speed.  In application settings, we
allow developers to configure the number of queries to be saved in the search
history, etc.  Please play with the Sample Browser, and discover these
interesting small improvements by yourself.

Feedback and Question

Please feel free to email  We would love to
hear your feedback and suggestions and make the improvements.


First of all, we want to give
special thanks to all those who used the last version of Sample Browser and
suggested improvements to Your feedback
helped us understand where we can do better than the last version, and we will
do better and better thanks to your suggestions!  We also want particularly
thank two Microsoft internal innovation community: The Garage and The Space.  These are groups of truly
innovative people who would love to use their spare time to contribute to
interesting projects such as the sample browser.  Many volunteers from the
Garage and the Space step up to test the browser and shared useful

This new version of Sample
Browser is developed by our SDE Leco Lin, Infi
with helps from Min Zhu. It's designed by
Jialiang Ge with helps from Dan Ruder and
Mei Liang.  Our tester Qi Fu, and Leo
, Eric Wu, Anand Malli from
TheGarage/TheSpace community tested the application, strangled
the bugs, and reviewed the code.  Special thanks to Mei Liang
and Dan Ruder for their three-page-long suggestions to
the browser.  They also demonstrate the browser to the Visual Studio team for
future integration with Visual Studio.  Last but not least, we want to
particularly thank Steven Wilssens and his MSDN Samples
team. This team created the amazing MSDN Samples Gallery – the
host of all samples. We have a beautiful partnership, and we together make the
ideas of Sample Browser come true.

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