Learn how ASP.NET apps scale via the cloud

I just watched a great webcast on learning how to scale your asp.net applications with Windows Azure. Below is a snippet from the cast.

Common scenario: you suddenly need to increase the horsepower behind your application (or some combination of compute, storage and bandwidth). The following week, you want to scale back with minimal changes to your codebase but don't have the manpower to babysit the additional infrastructure for security patches or OS upgrades. Sound familiar?

This web cast session walks you through the steps needed to address your server needs (with Windows Communication Foundation - WCF) and web requirements (Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Microsoft Silverlight). Say you need more horsepower today, less tomorrow.  Hear how Brian Prince focuses on the app, not the infrastructure.

Tap the Cloud For Your ASP.NET apps

Then try Azure at no cost CODE webcastpass, and deploy your 1st app in as little as 30 mins

Happy Coding!


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