Hello everyone, Today, I officially became a VSTS ALM Ranger, check out my ranger index: Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – John Spinella This is a great honor to be part of such a great team of professionals. I look forward to a long stay. For my first project with the Rangers, I am…


BizTalk 2010 Real World Example – Part 1

Introduction I wanted to write this blog for the benefit of anyone trying to dip their toes in the BizTalk pond. BizTalk is a great tool and has many different uses. The example that I will present is based on my work at the Dept. of Corrections. This example will be broken out into 4…


Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management Guidance Released

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers have finally shipped the Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management Guidance. Check it out here… Rangers blog or on Codeplex http://ralabman.codeplex.com/ Happy Coding! John


VSTS Rangers Build Management Guide Released

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers have finally shipped the Visual Studio 2010 Build Management Guidance. I have to say this is great guidance, great work from the Rangers! Check it out here… Rangers blog or on Codeplex http://rabcg.codeplex.com/ Happy Coding! John


Learn how ASP.NET apps scale via the cloud

I just watched a great webcast on learning how to scale your asp.net applications with Windows Azure. Below is a snippet from the cast. Common scenario: you suddenly need to increase the horsepower behind your application (or some combination of compute, storage and bandwidth). The following week, you want to scale back with minimal changes…


Windows 8 on the horizon!

So, many of you have seen or heard about the sneak peek of the new version of Windows. I have read some of the articles and I have to say it looks pretty cool!  One of the big things is how they integrated HTML5 and Javascript,  so if you wanted to write new applications specifically…


Visual Studio ALM videos at Microsoft TechEd 2011

Hello Everyone, Here is a blog post from Visual Studio Architecture, Visualization, Modeling, and UML Tools blog site. This blog post talks about what was presented at TechEd 2011 for Visual Studio ALM. Take a look… http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vsarch/archive/2011/05/27/visual-studio-alm-at-microsoft-teched-2011.aspx Happy Coding!


Handling Exceptions when Sending Mail via System.Net.Mail

I am sure alot of us when sending mail from a web application, we sometimes run into some unforeseen error becuase the mail being sent threw an exception. How do we solve this? Do we just throw the exception and that’s it. No, If we look into this problem a little closer, the majority of mail server interruptions are…


My first blog post

Hello Everyone!      This is my first blog post on my new official MSDN blog site. I am very excited to be part of a great company and help other developers like me with topics like ALM, TFS and Windows Azure. As more time pasts, you will find me posting blogs about my experiences and…