Partially-trusted applications?

We're running a survey (only takes about 3 minutes) to get some feedback on partially-trusted applications.  How many of you are building them?  What do you think?

Here's your chance to let us know:

Comments (6)

  1. Luis Vazquez says:

    I took the survey and was wondering if and when results will be analized or made available. I have been working on a number of Kiossks and public accecable terminals for the State of Lousianas DNR (Departement of natural ressorces) as well as the City of Alexandira. I am and plan to user Partially trusted applications that are feeding the terminals from an host as well as a number of webservices.

  2. Rick Samona says:


    Thanks for your note. The results will be analyzed in the next few weeks. I’m still not sure what portions will be made available but keep checking my blog for an update.



  3. Luis Vazquez says:

    Sure will.

    Thanks for you Quick Reply.

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