An Open Letter to the Community

Author’s Note:  Earlier today, I sent the attached note to each of the MVPs who signed the petition around VB6. Please let me know what you think.   I noticed that you signed the petition at  I’m mailing each of the MVPs who signed the petition directly in hopes of continuing this dialog and giving…


More on VB6 Support

There have been a lot of questions raised about the “end” of support for Visual Basic 6.0 recently that are worthwhile addressing.  Let’s just get the biggest question out of the way: Support is not ending.  Let me say that again: Support is not ending.   So what happens on April 1st of this year? …


Partially-trusted applications?

We’re running a survey (only takes about 3 minutes) to get some feedback on partially-trusted applications.  How many of you are building them?  What do you think? Here’s your chance to let us know: