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Richard Grimes posted his final column in Dr. Dobbs the other day.

Dan Fernandez replied to part of it in his blog and I also found Scott Swigart's reply on some of the VB comments interesting.

What do you think?

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  1. the man is an academic who has spent too long on the author/speaker circuit and lost touch with reality. He was never a fan of

    i posted some comments here

  2. > What do you think?

    That it’s turning into a bit of a saga. I don’t even know who that dude is or why I’m supposed to care that he woke up one morning and decided that he didn’t want .NET for breakfast any more.

  3. Vishal Sah says:

    I Thought Your BLOG was supposed to have a response. How much time do u really require for this ??

    # re: Responding to Richard Grimes article on .NET 2/24/2005 6:33 AM Dan Fernandez

    Ryan, Jay Roxe, the Visual Basic Product Manager is working on a response. It should be posted on his blog soon,



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