Interesting Commentary

Richard Grimes posted his final column in Dr. Dobbs the other day. Dan Fernandez replied to part of it in his blog and I also found Scott Swigart’s reply on some of the VB comments interesting. What do you think?


Interview with VBUG in the UK

I recently did a chat with Graham Parker, George Gallagher, Richard Costall and Geoff Hirst with VBUG.NET in the UK.  It was a pretty interesting IM conversation and they were nice enough to post the transcript here.  We covered everything from the future of Visual Basic to upgrade paths from VB6. Let me know what…


I need .NET Framework 2003 Applications!

I’m working to create a library of applications that we can use for testing compatibility between .NET Framework 2003 applications and Whidbey applications.  We don’t need source in order to do this, all we need is the binaries for the application, instructions to install it, and permission from you to run it.  We’re working with…


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year!  (well, a couple of days late). As a part of my Chinese New Year resolutions, I’m going to write more in this blog, so look for an entry at least weekly.  I spent last week down at VSLive and had a chance to catch up with a bunch of folks even…