Show your pride: Visual Basic 2005 Case Studies

Have you done some really cool development with Visual Basic 2005 that you’ve already rolled into production? I’m continuously excited when I talk to many of you about the great work that you’re doing with VB 2005 and the great solutions that you’ve created.  We’ve got a lot of great stories coming, but I’m always looking…


Great Partner Content on VBRun

Almost five months ago, we launched VBRun: the Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center.  Since then quite a few of you have visited the site and have sent me feedback about it. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve added a new section featuring content from some of our partners that’s relevant to Visual Basic developers.  We’ve…


.NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 (beta) Compatibility

There have been a number of press articles recently about application compatibility between the .NET Framework 1.1 and the .NET Framework 2.0 (beta).  You can see an article in eWeek and an article in Microsoft Watch.     You can get the full story on our application compatibility plans in a whitepaper that we just put…


Meet with the VB Team at TechEd!

Are you going to be down at TechEd in Orlando in a couple of weeks?  Are you interested in meeting with the Visual Basic team while you’re down there?   Nine people from the VB team are going to be down at TechEd and we’re very interested in meeting with as many customers as possible…


VBRun: The Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center

I’m happy to announced that we launched a new subsite for the Visual Basic Developers Center today:  VBRun: The Visual Basic 6.0 Resource center.  This site highlights some of our best VB 6.0 content from the MSDN archive, has some new content on making Visual Basic 6.0 and VB .NET work together and has some…


An Open Letter to the Community

Author’s Note:  Earlier today, I sent the attached note to each of the MVPs who signed the petition around VB6. Please let me know what you think.   I noticed that you signed the petition at  I’m mailing each of the MVPs who signed the petition directly in hopes of continuing this dialog and giving…


More on VB6 Support

There have been a lot of questions raised about the “end” of support for Visual Basic 6.0 recently that are worthwhile addressing.  Let’s just get the biggest question out of the way: Support is not ending.  Let me say that again: Support is not ending.   So what happens on April 1st of this year? …


Partially-trusted applications?

We’re running a survey (only takes about 3 minutes) to get some feedback on partially-trusted applications.  How many of you are building them?  What do you think? Here’s your chance to let us know:


Interesting Commentary

Richard Grimes posted his final column in Dr. Dobbs the other day. Dan Fernandez replied to part of it in his blog and I also found Scott Swigart’s reply on some of the VB comments interesting. What do you think?


Interview with VBUG in the UK

I recently did a chat with Graham Parker, George Gallagher, Richard Costall and Geoff Hirst with VBUG.NET in the UK.  It was a pretty interesting IM conversation and they were nice enough to post the transcript here.  We covered everything from the future of Visual Basic to upgrade paths from VB6. Let me know what…