European User Group Tour

So I'm very remiss in not having already blogged about the European User Group tour.  In the two weeks after TechEd Europe at the end of June, the VB team visited 11 different user groups around Europe including Amsterdam, Munich, Milan, Vienna, Vic, Porto, London, Zagreb, Paris, Geneva and Zurich.  Overall, people were pretty psyched with the tour both the presenters and the user group attendees. 

A couple of events stand out - we had over 250 people show up for the Italian user group meeting, which was a full-day affair with more than 7 different speakers.  As soon as I can get the photos uploaded, I'll include a couple of photos from that event.

The Zagreb user group ended up going until 1am with some great conversations.  Joe Binder and Yu-Fang Li posted this photo of the event. .

This event gets special props because we had people travel 10 hours by bus from neighboring countries to show up.

Personally, I really enjoyed having a chance to meet a number really enthusiastic developers and we took home a lot of great stories.  The tour continues - right now, we're planning for a trip to Asia in early October and I'll hope to meet more of you there.


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  1. Thank you very much for this great event! Zagreb welcomed VB.NET Team Tour with 82 developers with lot of questions and suggestions!

    Keep the good work!


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