Not going back

In talking to developers down at TechEd, I got the overwhelming feeling that those who had made the move to VB.NET didn't ever want to go back to VB6.  Have you made the move?  How do feel about it?  What was the feature that convinced you that you wanted to stay with VB.NET?

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  1. John Cavnar-Johnson says:

    Yes. Best thing that ever happened to VB. The feature? I guess that would that little thing called the Common Language Runtime and Framework Class Library (or is that two features?).

  2. bilbo says:

    Yep. Can’t imagine coding in VB6 ever again. The power of the CLR and the Class Library amazes me daily. Once you learn to accept change and learn VB.NET, I noticed that you start to accept change as a constant and you start taking on more and more technologies. Once I dove headfirst into VB.Net, I found myself diving into XML, SQL Server, T-SQL, ASP.NET, Regular Expressions, web services, you name it! If only I could erase VB6 from my memory!

  3. ditto bilbo–but the main feature for me was inheritance. I had pushed the the object-oriented features of VB6 as far as I could take them, but it was still a hack to get any real code reuse. Yay VB .NET!

  4. I have not programmed in VB.NET so much, but I think full implementation of interfaces was cool.

  5. Brian Beatty says:

    Had to do it. Hated it. I faked inheritence with vb6 as much as I could, and I made good use of the Tag property to add properties to data entry controls.

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