Favorite Starter Kit Ideas

I've heard a lot of feedback that we should put together some starter kits in VB that people can use to get going with VB.  I love the idea and want to start creating them and start seeding the community to create them. 

However, every time that I've asked people what starter kits they want, I get different answers.  Time tracking apps and workflow applications are among the top requests, but what else do you want to see?


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  1. Duncan Jones says:

    Cool – I just posted a "what I want in a VB.Net app example" – a small business accounting app.

    I’m writing one myself but any help would be appreciated 😉

  2. Todd Spatafore says:

    Hey I’m glad to hear that someone else thinks about this. I think a blogging application would be perfect. I can’t think of any area of web development this wouldn’t cover, and you could even do a rich application and a PocketPC application that could connect to it. I’d love to help out on something like this, it might get me back into VB programming (been focusing on C# for a long time).

  3. A quiz engine for preparing certification exams

  4. John Osborn says:

    I’m sitting in a Tech Ed BOF entitled, "RSS Without Blogs". How about a simple Windows client that can read RSS feeds (not necessarily blogs). I also like the earlier suggestion that someone do an aggregator for the Pocket PC.

  5. Frank Arrigo says:

    building on the previous one, how about an rss screensaver!

  6. Darrin Witte says:

    How about a win client issue tracking/reporting application?

  7. Just some quick ideas … (1) How about a ‘seminar booking’ application, that allows users to specify (register) the sessions they want to attend? (2) How about a ‘flight booking’ application? Possibly both with a web front end (ASP.NET), but the development of rich Win clients (back end?) would also be very nice.

  8. Auriga Bork says:

    We are looking for talented, dynamic trainers (with teaching experience) to produce a tutorial on VB for our customers! Working for lynda.com is an extremely rewarding experience and I would love to talk to someone about this project.

    Any leads/info you have would be greatly appreciated.


    Auriga Bork

    Director of Acquisitions

    lynda.com : learning @ YOUR OWN PACE

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