Are you using the community technical previews?

One of the new things that we're doing during this product cycle is releasing a series of Community Technical Previews.  For those of you who haven't used a Community Tech Preview, they're pre-beta releases of the product.  Normally when we release a beta, we create a copy of the tree, fix a bunch of bugs and then release the beta.  The whole thing can take a couple of months until you have the bits in your hands.  For a CTP, we fix only a few bugs and then give you the bits.  This means that you're using the real product and can give us feedback much more in real-time, but it also means that you see any of the bugs that introduced during the product cycle. 

I'm curious how many of you have installed the first CTP, used it, and what you think.  Let me know.


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  1. KayKay says:

    Been using it for a while now, both the PDC/March CTP. I’d love to know if subsequent drops of longhorn would come along with, the latest drop from WinHec did not have support.

  2. Corrado Cavalli says:

    I’m using it, while being not very stable I love to have so that i can start enjoying new features.

    Please drop as many preview as possible and post them on MSDN, it is important to see product evolution.

  3. Aaron A. Anderson says:

    I’ve been using it extensivelly.

  4. Robert Björn says:

    I tried it briefly. If I had had more time I would have played with it more.

  5. Jason Kemp says:

    Hi Jay,

    I just started using it very briefly, little bits and pieces. Once I try to do a full app, I’ll probably come back here to tell you what I really think.

    A few things I noticed: Ctrl+Shift+B is gone for the build command. I’d like to know why. I use it all the time.

    Also I tried to use the new data visualizations when debugging but I couldn’t find them. Are they in the CTP?

    There is some weirdness when placing controls on a form. For instance, when I try to place a button on the form in the bottom right corner, the form creeps away from the button, as if the button can only be x,y away from the bottom corner of the form. I’m pretty sure that’ll be gone, if it isn’t already.

    A few things I liked: the resource picker dialog. Even though I didn’t have any resources for my project and it crashed when I tried to add some, I think that is really good idea. Although I haven’t used it yet, Edit and Continue looked awesome at the keynote demo at VSLive. The C# team should definitely take a look at that for the next version of VS.

  6. The other question is, how many people know about the CTP wiki?

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