Just upgraded to Verizon FiOS from Comcast Blast

I’ve been using Comcast PowerBoost (6Mbps download / 768 Kbs upload) for about a year and have been pretty happy with it. The speed was fine and the price was good at $33/month. (Although I had to keep calling to get them to lower the price after the promotional price kept expiring). Comcast recently upgraded…


Script# wins a Microsoft Engineering Excellence award

I’ve been using Script# professionally for more than a year now and am also on the Script# virtual team here at Microsoft. It’s nice to see Microsoft awarding an Engineering Excellence award to Script#. Nikhil has written a little more about it here: http://www.nikhilk.net/ScriptSharp-Engineering-Excellence-Award.aspx.


How to escape a leading # within the C preprocessor

This is probably a no-brainer for most people, but for some reason I banged my head against the wall for about an hour trying to figure this one out. Background Oftentimes you have source files (or in our case aspx files) that contain common headers, footers, sections, etc. Instead of paying the runtime hit of…


Changing the file extension of WiX extensions from .dll to .wixext (Revisited)

In one of my last blog posts I wrote about how we would be changing the file extension of WiX extensions from .dll to .wixext. Well, it turns out that we won’t be doing it for technical reasons. A WiX extension is really just a .NET assembly with an embedded XSD and wixlib. While it’s…


Changing the file extension of WiX extensions from .dll to .wixext

We will be doing a change that will probably affect most users of WiX v3, so I wanted to get this blog post out in the community to notify people of the upcoming change. Within the next few weeks we will be changing the file extension of WiX extensions from .dll to .wixext. There are…


Complete list of Candle preprocessor variables

Some people have asked about this in the past on the wix-users mailing list, so I thought I’d just put it here so it’s on the web searches. (We really need to do an overhaul on our WiX home page). This is just copied verbatim from the Wix.chm file. [Edit]: By the way, this list…