This is one way for Google to make Microsoft look bad…

I thought this was a pretty amusing blog entry ( While I don’t think this was intentional, it’s a pretty interesting tactic: just install your plug-in to Excel to slow it down. 🙂 All in good fun. I haven’t used Google desktop search in a while, but I liked it when I had it, so…


How to use Extensions in Votive (IIS or UI extensions, for example)

It seems we have this question pop up a few times a week on the wix-users mailing list, so I thought I’d add something here as another reference when people are searching the web. Thanks to Aaron Stebner for writing this entry in our WiX.chm file, available as part of the WiX releases (>= 3.0.3419). How…


SyncToy 1.4 and Vista 64-bit (x64) Error

I use the extremely useful SyncToy to mirror my data between various machines at home. However, it did not work on Vista x64. I found this very handy blog post which tells you how to fix the problem. I didn’t feel like installing Windows Network Monitor 3.1, so I decompiled it using dark and extracted…


Excel Services is a "game changer"

Richard McAniff, one of our corporate vice presidents in Office, had some interesting stuff to say about Excel Services at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Here’s an exerpt from the blog at I later asked McAniff how he defined a “game changer.” “If you can you radically reduce cost, improve productivity and top line…


Shahar has waaay too much time on his hands :)

Check out this blog post from Shahar, one of the devs I work with.


Job Openings on My Team

My team (Excel Server) is currently hiring developers. It’s a great team to work on and we do some cool stuff. Since we’re still a fairly new team (we just shipped version 1.0 with Office Server System 2007), there’s still lots and lots of new code to write and you’d have the ability to have…


New Excel Services forum on MSDN

If you ever have any Excel Services questions, feel free to use the new forum on MSDN to post your questions. We’ll try to be responsive in giving out answers.