It’s nice to see the community responding well to Excel Services

Here’s a nice article written about Excel Services: It’s good to see your hard work pay off with good reviews. We’ll see how the reviews are when it’s “officially” released.


Handy little Visual Studio shortcut key for Wix/Votive developement

If you use Visual Studio to edit your Wix projects (either using Votive or just the plain XML editor), you may be interested in this handy little shortcut key. If you turn on pedantic checking for your WiX files, one of the warnings will be about having mixed-case GUIDs. The easy fix is to select…


Missing project/item template files after installing Votive

I recently installed Votive on Vista and noticed that the project templates weren’t showing up when going to File/New Project/WiX. I haven’t dug into it deeply yet, but I suspect that it has to do with running devenv.exe /setup as part of the setup and devenv.exe is not being run as an administrator. Consequently, it…


Windows Vista RC2 has been released

I’ve been running RC1 for a little while now and I have been converted to Vista! It is very nice. RC2 has just been released and has some minor improvements and bug fixes. I’m downloading and installing it now. You can download it from if you’re interested in being on the bleeding edge.


Updated the Votive page on

We’ve been missing information about Votive on our official WiX web page, so I updated the web site. You can check it out at It also has some screen shots.


SharpDevelop now supports WiX projects

Matt Ward has released a WiX setup project to SharpDevelop that looks pretty slick. It’s got a lot of the same stuff that I’ve been planning on doing with Votive, but it looks like he’s already done it. Great job! If you don’t use Visual Studio, it might be a good alternative to Votive for…


How to embed resources using a different namespace in a C# project

Have you ever wanted to embed a resource in your managed assembly but didn’t like the default name that Visual Studio decided to give it? For example, if you have a C# project with the RootNamespace=”MyCompany.MyNamespace” and have a bitmap called “MyBitmap.bmp” in your C# project, then when the project compiles, you end up with…


Votive installation requires ProjectAggregator2.msi

When you try to install Votive v3 you’ll probably see a dialog box that says something like “To install Votive, you need to first install ProjectAggregator2.msi, which is available at” Well, to my shame, I forgot to put the MSI up on the web site. Until I get that worked out, you can download…


Votive v3 has been released!!

Well, after many weeks of work, I’ve finally checked in Votive v3. It is now available after any build >= 3.0.2120.0. You can download it from here. Just to highlight a few of the new features that are available… MSBuild support – the .wixproj file format is now an MSBuild file so you can build…


How to use MSBuild for your WiX projects without installing Votive or Visual Studio

I got an interesting question today from a person reading my blog, so I thought I’d answer the question here in case other people have a similar interest.   The question was how to enable MSBuild support for a WiX project without having Votive or Visual Studio 2005 installed. The scenario is that this person…