SharpDevelop now supports WiX projects

Matt Ward has released a WiX setup project to SharpDevelop that looks pretty slick. It's got a lot of the same stuff that I've been planning on doing with Votive, but it looks like he's already done it. Great job! If you don't use Visual Studio, it might be a good alternative to Votive for you to try out.

Of course, being the good Microsoft employee that I am, I still recommend using Visual Studio since you get the nice goodness that it brings, but having other alternatives out there is always a good thing. I haven't used SharpDevelop since version 1 before I came to Microsoft, but even then I thought it was very nice. They've done an excellent job with it and it looks like version 2 is even better. It looks like it would be a lot of fun to help develop it (hmmm... that's probably not a good idea for me being a Microsoft employee to help develop SharpDevelop. Oh well :).

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