Votive v3 has been released!!

Well, after many weeks of work, I've finally checked in Votive v3. It is now available after any build >= 3.0.2120.0. You can download it from here.

Just to highlight a few of the new features that are available...

  • MSBuild support – the .wixproj file format is now an MSBuild file so you can build your Votive projects from the command line outside of Visual Studio

  • Wixlib build supported – there is now a third project type to allow building wixlibs

  • Wixlibs and extensions are supported by adding them to the project references – in v2 only wixlibs were supported

  • Source Code Control (SCC) support – Wix projects can now be stored in a SCC system

  • Many bug fixes and greater stability

  • New flashy icons for the file types 🙂 Here are some of the new icons:

  • The setup for Votive itself is written and built using Votive and the WiX MSBuild tasks, which means that I get a lot more test coverage and hopefully will have less regressions

  • Cool new flashy property pages that support setting all of the properties for candle, light, and lit. Here's a picture of one of the pages:

    (Click the image for a full screen version).

There is still lots of stuff to do on Votive (see one of my last blogs for details), but this hopefully will give a solid and stable base for people to start using. Let me know what you think!

[Edited] Updated the build number to >= 3.0.2120.0 and the location of the install has changed.

Comments (6)

  1. Matt Ward says:

    Support for creating WiX setup packages in SharpDevelop 2.1 has been added.

  2. When you try to install Votive v3 you’ll probably see a dialog box that says something like "To install…

  3. Dejan says:


    When I try to create new wix project, I get VS error : "Package load failure. Package ‘WIX Project Package’ has failed to load prperly (GUID=……)

    I get this error just when installing this Votive build. Other versions of votive and wix are uninstalled. What can be wrong?

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Well, to my great shame I didn’t generate a new PLK (package load key) for the new Votive when I revved the version number and package GUID. What this means is that the package will fail to load in a Visual Studio that doesn’t have the VS SDK installed. I’ve fixed this already and it should be in tomorrow’s build (3.0.2120). I’m so sorry about the flub up.


  5. Ogre's Blog says:

    "Setup Projects" in Visual Studio 2005 can only be built from within Visual Studio. The lack of MSBuild…

  6. Colin's Blog says:

    According to the WiX homepage Votive WiX 3 has been released. New Wix3.msi September 20, 2006 The old

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