Resources for MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0

I recently had a chance to participate in delivering a MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 "Make It Real"-training in Germany (thanks for hosting us, guys). It was a great week of collaboration, finding solutions for technical issues and giving and receiving real life experiences from SharePoint engagements. As part of the training I whipped together a quick list of useful resources that aims to help people who are starting or have started their SharePoint journey sometime ago. I'm sharing this list with you - it's nothing magical, it's by no means complete or comprehensive - it's just a list of "good things to check":

MOSS 2007 SDK:

WSS 3.0 SDK:

MOSS/WSS Technology Specialist –certifications

VseWSS 1.1:

Minimal Master Page Template for MOSS:

SharePoint Community Forums:

SharePoint Product Group Blog:

ECM Product Group Blog:

Kimmo’s migration tools for SharePoint:

The Fantastic 40 Templates for WSS:

Sample Master Templates:

Joel Oleson’s Blog:

Aggregated SharePoint blog feeds from MS employees:

Aggregated SharePoint blog feeds:

Knowledge Network Blog:

Extending STSADM with your own commands:

Which SharePoint am I running?

Best Practices Analyzer for MOSS and WSS:

ISA 2006 authentication resources:

MOSS 2007 on Technet:

 MOSS 2007 Library on Technet:

Book: SharePoint Companion:

Book: Pro SharePoint 2007 Development:

Book: Workflow in the 2007 Office System:

Book: Building Office 2007 Solutions in C# 2005:

Book: Inside WSS 3.0:

Book: Inside MOSS 2007:

Development Tools and Techniques for MOSS (2 parts):

Best Practices: Common Coding Issues with MOSS:

Creating a WSS 3.0 Web Part – step by step:

Differences between ASP.Net 2.0 web parts and SharePoint web parts:

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  1. alex# says:

    Jussi Roine, Senior IW Consultant chez MS Ireland, publie sur son blog une liste fort int�E9;ressante

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