Thoughts on using multiple browsers

Years ago using Internet Explorer was the only choice for my line of work. Sure, you had Netscape and several other browsers but no viable alternatives for working with Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint. With the recent introduction of Google Chrome it’s been interesting to see how Firefox, IE 8 (beta) and Chrome have and…


Securing SharePoint’s People Picker for Extranet use

About People Picker One of the often used features of SharePoint (WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007) is People Picker. This is the component responsible for providing a fancy user interface for finding users when provisioning access: By default, which in this context means – “I did a full installation of MOSS 2007 with mostly default…


Software+Services: OCS 2007

A company in Finland called Humeko Ltd, is now offering a free one month trial for OCS 2007 services for companies. See full announcement here: (in Finnish only, sorry). What they’ll provide is an interesting package for a fairly cheap price: OCS 2007 (Standard) services including IM, Presence and audio/video conferencing for users, 6,95 eur/month/user….


Groove 2007 eLearning material released

See here: Not free, but not expensive either.


Resources for MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0

I recently had a chance to participate in delivering a MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 “Make It Real”-training in Germany (thanks for hosting us, guys). It was a great week of collaboration, finding solutions for technical issues and giving and receiving real life experiences from SharePoint engagements. As part of the training I whipped together a quick…


Certificate problems with OCS 2007 – part 1

Oftentimes when deploying OCS 2007 to complex environments something doesn’t work as expected. Even more often the culprit is either a certificates issue or AD (and thus, often a DNS) issue. One of my colleagues had problems when connecting Office Communicator to OCS 2007, using Access Edge. Thus the workstation was outside the company’s LAN…


OCS 2007 on a 64-bit server

..and missing those fancy ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) controls for enabling users to your pool? Fear not, just run this to get them visible: mmc /32 dsa.msc. Yeah, I’m a keyboard junkie amongst other vices, but this was something I really needed to troubleshoot for a sec. It seems every day is a…


OCS 2007 Standard Edition – 10 insights from the field

I, for one, have been struggling a bit when it comes down to understanding what’s happening with OCS 2007 (Office Communications Server 2007, RTM’d some time ago). Having played with LCS 2005 (Live Communications Server 2005) quite a bit, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the first stabile betas and release candidates of its successor. Here…


Dogfooding: Windows Live OneCare 2.0 beta

One of the ‘perks’ at Microsoft is the ability to dogfood things – i.e. installing every piece of alpha, beta, gamma and whatnot version of software that interests you. And then observing if your laptop still boots, or not. I was asked recently “What’s a good antivirus/antispyware software for a small company?”. My obvious answer,…