WWSAPI samples in Windows 7 SDK for RC: "Unable to add URL to HTTP URL group."

I like to build and run with UAC on.  When running the HttpCalculatorService example I got this error:   Failure: errorCode=0x80070005Unable to add URL to HTTP URL group.Access is denied.Running from an administrator command prompt I do not get the error! Obviously I do not have permissions to something.  Some investigation revealed that I need to add the user…


WWSAPI (Windows Web Services API) HTTP Kerberos Client

Further adventures with the WWSAPI Beta.  If you find this useful please take the time to Jot me a quick comment or note! I decided to investigate these API’s and make a simple call to the same WebService in my previous blog post using Kerberos.  I first copied the WebService inside my network so I…


Windows Web Services API Client code walkthrough on Windows 7

I decided to Dive into the WWSAPI Beta and see how I could call a simple HelloWorld Applications.  Here are my adventures: I installed Windows 7 in a HyperV VM and installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1. I downloaded the Windows 7 SDK and attached the .ISO image as the CD drive and installed it. I then ran the Windows SDK Configuration…


Replace SOAP Toolkit and ATLServer Classes with the WWSAPI

SOAP Toolkit is out of support and the ATLServer Classes are not supported in VS 2008.  What to do for native C++ development? Check this out (Video): https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/yochay/Windows-Web-Services/ Download from: http://connect.microsoft.com/WNDP/content/content.aspx?ContentID=11205 I created a simple Walkthrough for this: http://blogs.msdn.com/jpsanders/archive/2009/03/24/windows-web-services-api-client-code-walkthrough-on-windows-7.aspx  

How to Send SOAP call using MSXML (replace STK)

I know… This is a simple thing, but there is no documentation on it so here it is: UPDATE:  You can now use Windows Webservica API (WWSAPI) to create native code WebService calls! The SoapToolkit (STK) is out of support.  So what if you need to make a SOAP call in VB 6 or scripting? …