Client and Server certificates in Windows Store applications

I answered a couple of certificate questions in the C# Windows Store applications forum that you all may find useful:

Provide Client side certificate:

Include Server certificate in manifest so application can
trust an non-trusted or self-issued server certificate:


Great video describing SelfSigned certs and embedding it in an app:  See at 0:36 - 0:42 for the SSL part.



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  1. Can't get it to work still says:

    I have a website with a self signed certifcate,i export it, add it to my windows store app but i still can't call the service..

  2. Jeff Sanders says:

    Hi "I Can't",

    This is the way to do this.  Perhaps there are other problems with your certificate?  See if you can get the certificate to work with Internet Explorer first by following the instructions here to troubleshoot:…/troubleshooting-asp-net-the-remote-certificate-is-invalid-according-to-the-validation-procedure.aspx

    If that fails you should open a support case for some more troubleshooting!


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