Walkthrough–Creating an IIS server to use with WNS Push Notifications and Windows Store apps (RTM update)

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  1. Consumer Preview says:

    I found this post extremely helpful.Please update your blog as per Consumer preview and Visual studio 11 express beta also.

  2. Jeff Sanders says:

    This has been updated for the Consumer Preview!

  3. Firdouse says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I am using your code to send notifications. I modified the sid and secret values in the sample code but I am getting a web exception with the message "Operation timeout error"  at the line

    string response = client.UploadString("login.live.com/accesstoken.srf", body);

    I am unable  to login to the site  https://login.live.com/ using my Microsoft ID. Is this could be the reason? If so, where should I request to get access to the site? Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Jeff Sanders says:

    Hi Firdouse,

    If you cannot use your ID to login there is a problem indeed!

    You can go to the help center for help with you live account: windows.microsoft.com/…/help-center


  5. Needing to Implment with Win8 RC says:

    jpsanders, really, I'm not stalking you.

    Just wondering if you've tested this with the latest windows 8 RC?  I had another review today with the windows store guys and they banished my polling loop and insist I use push notificaiton to let me app know it's time to download more data.

    Any more recent link with full examples that include server code (asp.net).  I visual studio solution would be nice as well as words like "use this in production" are helpful because I do want to build something for production.

    Thanks for all your efforts on the forums.

  6. Jeff Sanders says:

    Hi Stalker! (especially since I don't know who you are 🙂 )  This is tested and works with the latest PUBLICALLY available version of Windows 8 at the time of publishing.  It is definitely not production ready for reasons mentioned in the article. (See the NOTE sections in the article).  You cannot deploy this as is without making the changes mentioned, so no… it is not a shrink-wrapped ready to go solution.  You do have to do some additional work to this.  Also see Azure push notification solutions: http://www.bing.com/search


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