Azure .NET Core Application Settings

Overview This article outlines how to work with Application Settings in ASP.NET Core with Azure Web Apps (Azure App Services) super simple Jeff version… How To Ref: Working with Azure App Services Application Settings and Connection Strings in ASP.NET Core The above article is wonderful but adds some complexity.  It also does not tell you…


How To: Azure WebJob calling a Web Page using Powershell

Overview Just a quicky post to get you started on how to use CRON expressions and Powershell to call a web page from a WebJob.  There are many different ways to use Azure WebJobs and this is using a Powershell script to call an endpoint and scheduling this using CRON. Steps Create a Powershell script…


How to run classic ASP on Azure Web Apps

Overview We mention you can use ASP on Azure Web Apps but documentation is a bit scarce.  This walkthrough will show how to deploy a simple vbscript ASP page to a Azure Web App. Steps Create a Classic ASP page I will use the App Service Editor built into the Azure Portal.  Simply go to…


Azure Function App Error: We are not able to retrieve the runtime master key

Overview When you access an Azure Function app from the portal it will attempt to retrieve the Function runtime keys.  This is documented at .  There are a number of reasons why the keys cannot be retrieved and this article documents a recent change that means you may see this issue. Possible errors “We…


IIS Azure Web App – Force HTTPS AlwaysOn ping should return 200 for FastCGI sites

Overview PHP, Java and other FastCGI hosted environments should respond to an Always On ping to keep the child process warmed up.  Specifically in Azure App Services we send a request to the Root of the site with the header User-Agent: AlwaysOn.  If you are forcing HTTPS using a Url Rewrite rule, the Always On…


Page Loads slow and you notice certain files (js, html) seem to be extra slow downloading

Symptom You notice particular files (.js, .html and more) are downloading very slowly Cause Certain files are sent back to the client as chunked encoded.  CDNs and Web Servers both show this behavior.  Chunked downloads are very expensive in terms of speed because each chunk is in essence treated like a separate download.  Chunked encoding…


Azure API Apps–Troubleshooting PowerApps Export error: Unable to download Swagger 2.0 metadata. Please verify that the URL is publicly accessible. You may need to enable CORS for the App Service portal extension located at

Overview There is functionality in the Azure Portal that allows you to use the API definition of your Azure App Service and Export this through the “Export to PowerApps + Microsoft Flow” button in the API definition blade of your app ref: .  If you get the error: “Unable to download Swagger 2.0 metadata….


Problem adding Push Notification Hub to Azure App Service Slot

Overview You can add Push Notification Hubs to your Azure Web App, Azure Api App etc… (all Azure App Services).  If you try to use the portal to add Push (a Notification Hub) to a Slot however this will fail.  You will see the portal will just sit there with the message: “Connecting Web App…


Accessing Azure App Services using Azure AD Bearer token

Overview Here are some simplified instructions on how to setup and use Azure Active Directory authentication for a client Azure App Services application and code that will allow a client application to use a Bearer Token to access a different target app.   In this scenario there are two web apps.  The client app is the…