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Failed to update web app settings: The storage URI is invalid

Overview When updating your Azure Function App storage account keys, if you specify the wrong key… You could get an error including the text: Failed to update web app settings:  Bad Request  The storage URI is invalid ExtendedCode:04203 No valid combination of account information found Fix I found the older version of the key did…


Create Service Principal in Linux for Azure Automation

Overview There are lots of ways to do things in Azure.  I could not find a current end to end sample of setting up and getting an Access Token using SSH on a Linux box.  I chose the latest Ubuntu image up in Azure Virtual Machines for this overview.  This is loosely based on this…



Overview I ran into an interesting error that I had to debunk where a customer thought with HTTP/2 on Windows Server 2016 which has IIS 10 installed, that this caused the error above.  That was not true! Analysis Looking at a network trace I could see that the client (Chrome) was advertising higher level encryption…


Point Kudu to a Particular Web Worker Instance

Overview Kudu is the .SCM interface for Azure App Services.  If you are running more than one instance of Azure App Services (for instance you have scaled out to 4 instances) and you need to get to the Kudu console to do something like kill a process, profile an instance or get a dump of…


Error: Could not find a part of the path ‘E:\sitesroot\0\bin\roslyn\csc.exe’.

Overview After publishing the web app to Azure Cloud Services from Visual Studio 2017, it would not run and returned a 500 error.  Turning off custom error messages I was getting this error: Could not find a part of the path ‘E:\sitesroot\0\bin\roslyn\csc.exe’. In your solution explorer for your project, right click on the ‘References’ section…


How To: Capture a System.Net trace from PowerShell

Overview PowerShell can and does use System.Net classes to communicate over the wire.  This example will cover capturing a System.Net trace of the Azure PowerShell Publish-AzureWebsiteProject command-let. Setup Close any running PowerShell instances.  PowerShell reads the .config file when you first start the executable.  Locate the PowerShell (or PowerShell_ise) executable so you can alter the…


How tell if your Mac Supports Support Intel® Virtualization Technology

I was trying to see if my MacBook Air support HAXM for Android emulation and could not find a good resource to tell me how to find out what the processor number of my Mac was. So here you go! Open a Terminal Go to Finder and press Command + Shift + U Select Terminal…


Using/Installing Fiddler on Mac OS

Overview I could not find a good walkthrough so here is one for you.  Disclaimer:  This is on the latest OS and Latest version of Fiddler Beta Steps Install Mono – You can do this many ways but I wanted to do Xamarin development so I downloaded and installed Visual Studio for Mac and installed…


Azure Mobile Apps: Disable Swagger

Overview The Azure Mobile Apps quickstarts can support Swagger.  What if you want to disable this?  This walkthrough shows you where the Swagger routes come from and how to remove them Walkthrough – Node.js backend The Node.js implementation is simply a property.  All you need to do is remove the attribute in your code.  For…