We have a new plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

If you are using IntelliJ IDEA and you have git repositories in VSO or TFS, you need this plugin. Checkout these posts that have more information… http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/2015/10/23/team-foundation-plugin-for-intellij-idea.aspx  And if you aren’t using VSOnline yet for your Java development, check out this site that explains how to get started… http://java.visualstudio.com Calling all Java developers!!


TFS 2012 – IBuildDetail.RequestedFor is not what it used to be!

If you have custom build tasks or activities that rely on “build.RequestedFor” (or “build.RequestedBy”) being the account name, you may have some problems when converting those customizations over to TFS 2012 Build. In TFS 2012, we have completely switched over to Display names in the UI. To make this work consistent everywhere, we repurposed the…


TFS 2010 – Using a TypeConverter to display your custom Process Parameter list type

I just helped someone today with this common problem… “How do I get my custom list process parameter to show something besides ‘(Collection)’ in the Process Parameter property grid?” The answer is really simple if you are familiar with the WinForms property grid. The PropertyGrid class looks for type converter attributes on the classes to…


Inline Tasks for MSBuild that work with TFS

Someone asked a question about how to do something in MSBuild the other day. They were using the UpgradeTemplate.xaml, so there build process was done almost entirely in MSBuild. What they wanted to do was fairly simple to do in a Task, but they didn’t really want the overhead of creating and maintaining a Task…


TFS 2010 – Build menu ids and guids

Okay, so I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago and exposed two of the menu guids for Build. Since then I have been asked for others, so here they all are… Menu Guid (we use the same guid for all build menus):   {34586048-8400-472e-BBBF-3AE30AF8046E} Menu Ids (in hex):  int menuTEBuilds = 0x100; This menu…


TFS 2010 – Making Your Build Log Less Noisy

So, I have been asked this question a couple of times now and so I decided to put it out there for everyone. If you are creating custom build templates that do a lot of looping or other work that seems to make the build log way too noisy, you may want to hide some…


TFS 2010 – Custom Process Parameters Part 4 – Custom Types

In my previous posts, we discussed… Custom Process Parameters Process Parameter Metadata Custom Editors In this post, I want to continue this discussion of process parameters and explain how to use your own custom types for process parameters. Previously, we used a String version number (i.e. “Beta2.0.30111.12”). But what if we would like to do…


TFS 2010 – Custom Process Parameters Part 3 – Custom Editors

In the last post of this series, we added metadata to our custom process parameter and I described all of the metadata that you can use to describe your custom process parameters. I also mentioned that we would talk more about some of the more complicated bits of metadata. The Editor property of the process…


TFS 2010 – Custom Process Parameters Part 2 – MetaData

This is a continuation of the Part 1 post. In the last post, we created a Hello World process template that uses a custom process parameter to pass in the text “Hello World!” And we showed that it worked pretty easily. But I skipped over something that perhaps you noticed. When you look at this…