TFS11 RC – Simple Build Summary Customization

So, I did a few posts when TFS 2010 released on how developers could customize the Visual Studio Build Details View. However, it required creating a VS Add-In or Package and then deploying that to all your clients. Well, with the RC release of TFS 11 and Visual Studio, there is a much easier way…


TFS11 Beta – Continuous Diagnostic Logging

Okay, so if you are a TFS Build user, you probably are familiar with this scenario… You setup a new build definition and get it working. It works for days maybe weeks, then suddenly builds start failing sporadically for no apparent reason. You have several failed builds and none of them have any useful information….


TFS11 Beta – Batching Gated Builds

In TFS 2010, we added Gated builds. A gated build is like a pessimistic continuous integration (CI). CI builds are started after every check-in to make sure the developer didn’t break anything. Gated builds require the developer to check-in through the build process itself. The check-in is blocked until the build succeeds. To guarantee that…