Team Foundation toys for power users

The Team Foundation Power Toys have just been released. Go here to download them. One of my favorites is Query. It lets you run Work Item Tracking queries from the command line. You can also feed the output of Query into the WorkItem command which lets you add or update work items. This gives you the…


Useful BuildCompletionEvent filters

In my previous post (How to filter the Build Completion Event), I explained how to change the filter for the default Build Completion event that adds to the list of builds in Team Foundation Work Item Tracking fields like “Found In Build”. What I didn’t give you were the actual filters that you probably need….


How to filter the Build Completion Event

One of the fields that ships with the standard Bug Work Item Type in Team Foundation is called “Found In Build”. It allows the user to enter the build number of the build in which they found the bug. It can be found on the Details tab of the Bug work item. The “Found In…


A new commitment and a new topic

I am committing to post more often this year. I am not sure if that will be a good thing or not. My topics will mostly be about Team Build. If you aren’t familiar with Team Foundation or Visual Studio Team System, go here: Team Build is the build automation component of Team Foundation….


WinForms: Subclassing the TextBox inside a ComboBox

I learned something new today and decided to share it here.   Problem: I have a form with a ComboBox that has a style of DropDown. This style allows the user to type anything into the ComboBox. To aid the user AutoComplete is turned on. But when the user used Ctrl+Z or Undo from the…


WinForms AutoLayout Basics – Button

I know. I know. You know everything there is to know about buttons. But, please bear with me. In my last post, I created a form that had two buttons, OK and Cancel. The form was very simple, but there are actually issues with the buttons on the form. The main problem is that the…


WinForms AutoLayout Basics: TableLayoutPanel

So, you are designing a form in Visual Studio and you need the form to size dynamically to its contents. If you try every property on every control you might figure out how to do this. But you would be better off if you had an example. Check out this post and the ones that…



Who am I? My name is Jason Prickett. I work as a UI developer on Visual Studio Team System. This blog is my first. Why you should read my blog? You shouldn’t. Everything I say, you could easily discover on your own. But perhaps, I can save someone a little time. What else you should…