Simple binds aren’t always so simple

In my last posting, I showed how to call the low-level API exposed by WLDAP32.DLL to authenticate via an LDAP bind.  The authentication function – ldap_simple_bind_s() – returns a 0 when the credentials supplied were successfully authenticated.  I left out what happens when the authentication function returns an error code.  It turns out that determining…

Identity Management Show on Channel 9

Hi, While I’m up too late, I should mention that Ron Jacobs has posted a podcast on Identity Management up on Channel 9 Wednesday.  You can check it out at jmp

LDAP, the hard way

Well, its a new year, and therefore its an appropriate time to begin my journey into the world of LDAP and Identity Management.  I’d like to start by discussing some of the recent history of LDAP on .NET (dating no further back than .NET 1.1), and then I’ll move ahead into an exploration of .NET…


Exhuming McCarthy

I guess one of the telltale signs of the advancing creep of age is the passage of one’s pop culture heroes into obscurity – another sign is the tendency to begin or end one’s sentences with the phrase “back in the day.”  So rather than attempt to forestall the inevitable, I’m going to wallow in…