Developing with Yammer Enterprise (1/2)

1 – Activate Yammer Enterprise on your O365 tenant

In this first blog post, I will explain how to activate Yammer on your O365 tenant.

If you want to develop with Yammer Enterprise with Office 365  you will need the following prerequisites:

- Subscribe for an O365 tenant with an E3 trial.

- Activate Yammer on your tenant. Check the follwing link for the steps : . It is important to know that the installation step is not completed at this stage.

- Buy a domain: during the activation steps of Yammer, you will need to add a domain name (the * domain is not sufficient)

After completing the steps, you will need to assign the appropriate Yammer licence to one or several users indivually:


The next step is the activating process. You will need to register your user to Yammer. For that, open a browser and use the following link:<your_domain> where <your_domain> is the domain name assing to your tenant.


You should then receive an email to activate your account:


You are now ready to develop with Yammer !

In the next post I will explain:

- How to register an App

- Development possibilities with Yammer Enterprise

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