How To Remove Visual Studio 2008 Manually

In couple of instances we have seen that after installing Visual Studio 2008 Beta, installing the RTM fails. There is no specific error but it is found that if it detects the Beta Components the installation fails.

In order to remove the Visual Studio 2008 Beta ( RTM Also ) the steps listed can be followed:

1. First make sure you remove Visual Studio 2008 from the Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs)

2. Make sure to remove the few more components which will be there at Add/Remove in case they are not removed after uninstalling Visual Studio 2008

a. Visual Studio 2008 Team Explorer

b. Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Components

c. Microsoft Windows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 .Netframework Tools

d. Microsoft Windows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 Headers and Libraries

e. Microsoft Windows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 SDK Reference Assemblies and Intellisense

f. Microsoft Windows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 Tools

g. Microsoft Windows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 Win32 Tools

h. MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 – ENU

3. Delete the Folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0

4. Delete the Registry Key Below:

a. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\ Delete 9.0

b. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VSWCU\ Delete Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite – ENU


d. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\vsto runtime Setup\ Delete v9.0.21022

( In case you are not able to find any particular key you can ignore the same )

5. Once the above steps performed, with this E Mail you will find a attachment name MSIZAP. I am renaming it to .TXT

6. Save the file to “C” Drive and then rename it to msizap.exe ( You can install Windows Installer cleanup utility available in my download list and browse to the location C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up )

7. Open command prompt and make sure you are in the root drive C:\

8. Type msizap tw {80C06CCD-7D07-3DB6-86CD-B57B3F0614D8} ( Make sure you do not remove the bracket )

9. The MSI ZAP will make sure to remove if any components are left

10. Once these are done Restart the computer

11. This will make sure to remove the Visual Studio 2008 from the computer

This above steps should help removing the Visual Studio 2008 Beta from the machine and also if a situation comes where complete removal of Visual Studio 2008 is required the above steps can be followed.

Comments (12)

  1. pallavi says:


    i installed microsoft visual studio 2008 for the 1st time it open fine but when i opened the vus 2008 it was opening (responding properly)

    plz help me

  2. Jeremy says:

    Thank you for writing this Manual Uninstall Web Blog.

    I have used the instructions a few times to uninstall VSTS 2008, and it works.

    The Microsoft Site uninstall.exe does not pick up and delete everything from the registry or Add/Remove Programs.

  3. ron2k says:

    Thanks for the post, and it works.

  4. Nate says:

    God.  I'm actually thinking of replacing my 5 Windows Desktops with Macs after having to deal with Microsoft's utter failure of an Install/Uninstall Experience.  It really is embarassing…

    Any decent installer will uninstall the components it installs in reverse order.  I should not be able to install everything from one universal installer, but waste hours of my time going through Add/Remove Programs to manually uninstall each sub-component when I want to remove it.

  5. theresia says:

    thank you for informations..

    when i want to step Delete the Registry Key, why i can't find that?

  6. Rahul says:

    Use this tool/ Auto un-install. fast.

  7. master777 says:

    I have the simple solution that i have managed to uninstall the VS 2008 pro (just in case XP x64 pro)

    Go to Control panel –> add/remove progs –>  ChangeRemove microsoft vs 2008

    –> from vs 2008 Maintenance Mode click next and Choose add/remove futures

    –> unselect all the futures from select futures to install chkboxes. you're done. Hope it helps. Good luck 🙂

  8. 偶是新手 says:


     Once the above steps performed, with this E Mail you will find a attachment name MSIZAP. I am renaming it to .TXT

    想问哪里有E Mail,我不知道在哪。

  9. bergkamp_my says:

    Great, I can finally reinstall vs 2008 now. Thanks for the post.

  10. Naman says:

    helllo. i have work in microsoft visual studio 2008. and in this software database is not create . so please help me

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