PartialChain: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority.

If you received this error message on a SharePoint 2013 farm, you can use the steps below to resolve the issue:



Obtain the “SharePoint Root Authority” certificate as a physical (.cer) file

$rootCert = (Get-SPCertificateAuthority).RootCertificate
$rootCert.Export("Cert") | Set-Content C:\SPRootAuthority.cer -Encoding byte

Import the “SharePoint Root Authority” certificate to the Trusted Root Certification store on all of the SharePoint 2013 servers.

1. Start > Run > MMC > Enter
2. File > Add/Remove Snap-in
3. Certificates > Add > Computer account > Next > Local computer > Finish > OK
4. Expand Certificates (Local Computer), expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities
5. Right-click Certificates > All tasks > Import
6. Next > Browse > navigate to and select C:\SPRootAuthority.cer > Open > Next > Next > Finish > OK

Comments (1)

  1. Allan Smith says:

    I also had to add the certificate to SharePoint Trusts.  I did this through the Manage Trust page in Central Admin but it can also be done via PowerShell.

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