Latest WSS and MOSS Patches

Update, see the latest update on the February CU packages here.   Great news for WSS and MOSS patching!  From this point forward each Cumulative Update will also consist of a package that contains the latest of every hotfix patch that we have shipped.   What this means is that if you build a new MOSS…


Lastest WSS and MOSS Patches – 10/2008

Please refer to the newest updates, posted here:     UPDATED: 12/11/2008 – 957693 was relased with 957175  built in (they are identical patches [complicated stort as to why this had to be]), so if you have installed 957693, you don’t need to install 957175.  If you installed 957175, you won’t need to install 957693,…


Lastest WSS and MOSS Patches – 9/2008

For those of you that are building a new WSS and/or MOSS farm, I’ve assembled a list of the patches you will need to build a “lastest and greatest” farm.  The list below is published for an RTM farm, but if you have a farm in production already, you only need to install the patches dated…

WSS and MOSS Infrastructure Updates Released

Today we released some very important updates for WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2007, Project Server 2007, Search Server 2008 (Full and Express) and Project Professional 2007.  This updates includes fixes for several areas of the product, including search, content deployment, performance and some core platform components.  I’ve included the links to the WSS and MOSS updates…


A SharePoint "Related" Patch

There’s an IIS 6.0 update that recently came out that should be applied to all WSS/MOSS servers, as it often falls victim.  JB has more on his blog at:   You can get the details at  


Windows SharePoint Services & Microsoft Office SharePoint Server hotfixes for March 27, 2008

The latest post SP1 global WSS and MOSS patches are: Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package: March 27, 2008   Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hotfix package: March 27, 2008 The lastest post SP1 localized WSS (no localized MOSS patches after SP1 yet) patch is: Description of the Windows SharePoint Services…


Lastest SharePoint 2003 Post SP3 Updates Released

Just in case anyone is looking, the WSS & SPS 2003 post SP3 rollup packages have been released.  The links are below for quick reference.   Windows SharePoint Services 2003   Windows SharePoint Services SP3 Download Site   Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 post-Service Pack 3 hotfix package: February 26, 2008  …

Install Zune 2.3 on Server 2008 x64

After a couple failed attempts and a bunch of swearing at the “The media for installation package couldn’t be found. It might be incomplete or corrupt.” error message, I ended up going through the required components, finding that “Windows Format SDK” requires Windows Media Player.  After installing the Desktop feature in 2008, which incldues Windows Media player, the…

WSS 2003 Post SP3 Hotfix Package Released

Details are in KB941412, but it’s got a couple notable updates, one specifically for a New Zealand DST change.  You’ll have to contact MS to get the download or use our new hotfix request system linked in the KB.  


Blank IIS Manager on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Servers

If you are experiencing a opening a blank IIS 6.0 server manager snapin and/or seeing Event IDs 7076, 6398, and 6482 in the App Log, check out KB 946517 for a hotfix for a recent issue found with the IIS 6.0 ADSI Provider.