Good blog entries on .Net GC

I just ran across these, they are a couple of really good reads on the .Net GC…


Good reading about 64-bit .Net and the GAC… Via, Junfeng.

Here are a couple of really worthwhile entries written by Junfeng on the GAC, why you might compile platform specifc and 64-bit… I don’t know if I need to bother with my intended GAC entry anymore…  


How the OS Loader will force .Net v1.0/1.1 executables to run under WOW64 on a 64-Bit Machine

[10/15, 2:04pm, fixed a couple typos; 10/15, 4:51pm, clarified a point] Before you read this entry, you might want to read these two entries: – –   In case you skipped the link and kept on reading I’ll summarize the first post linked to (I however believe that they are really worth reading):…


XC#, seems like a really cool tool

I was just playing around with some stuff at home where I was wishing that we had compile time attributes, it looks like XC# supports what I was looking for, I’ll have to play with it a bit to be sure…


Mike Stall, CLR Debugger GURU is blogging!

Check out Mike’s blog for tons of great insight into the CLR debugging APIs.  



My apologies to anyone who’s having trouble reading my last post, it has some formatting problems initially (something invoving the indentation), and now it seems that since a couple of the images are _really_ wide the text is ending up _really_ wide too… I’ll try to keep the formatting more reasonable in the future. -josh


ArrayList’s vs. generic List for primitive types and 64-bits

<edited post, 3:51pm, something in the formatting was messing up the whole page…> The dynamically growing ArrayList structure is an interesting one, the other day I was looking at memory usage of some performance scenarios on 64-bit machines vs. 32-bit machines and noticed that ArrayLists are double the size on 64-bit machines. After looking at…


Unsafe code, Stacks and IA64…

Sometimes the differences between platforms can show up in interesting ways. Last week I was looking at a bug that was filed about a difference in error mode between IA64 and x64/x86 platforms… I thought the investigation led me down an interesting path so I thought I’d share it with you.   What might you…


I’ve been remiss

I know… I’ve been meaning to write more, but I’ve been _really_ busy. I am going to Utah for a little spring skiing this weekend and I promise to spend some quality time with my laptop on the plane and crank out the finishing touches on a couple of half finished entries…


64-bit calling convention and PInvoke bugs

Ok, so Word for the Mac is failing me right now. I’ve tried twice to start this entry there and both times Word has gone kaput on me. Back to my trusty text editor… As for the inevitable “why Mac?” question… Well, I still haven’t found a laptop I like as much as my Titanium…