Blog about writing profiler stubs to interact with the 2.0 runtime.

Check out this blog entry ( to see some information that is rather interesting to people writing managed profilers, and probably not very interesting to everyone else.


BigArray<T>, getting around the 2GB array size limit

I’ve received a number of queries as to why the 64-bit version of the 2.0 .Net runtime still has array maximum sizes limited to 2GB. Given that it seems to be a hot topic of late I figured a little background and a discussion of the options to get around this limitation was in order….


What is the difference in a P/Invoke signature between “byref byte” and “byte[]”?

Lately we’ve seen a spate of issues coming up on 64-bit platforms within the Developer Division around usages of P/Invoke signatures which declare a parameter as type “byref byte” where the developer really means “byte[]” (the corresponding native parameter type being something like LPBYTE). Usually when something works on 32-bit and doesn’t work on 64-bit…


Bit specific code in agnostic assemblies???

In previous blog entries I’ve spent some time talking about how to mark assemblies as bit specific and how the loader deals with those markings. What however is the preferred mode of an application? I will posit that it is to be compiled agnostic and to run equally well on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms….