You Don’t Need a Zune to use the Zune Software (aka "yet another free media player")

With the release of version 2.5 of the Zune software, I thought I would point out a fairly obvious, but not widely know, fact. Anybody can use the Zune software to manage and play their media files on the PC. You don’t need a Zune device in order to take advantage of the Zune media…


Zune Floor Mat == Coaster

So if you get the “Zune Car Pack”, then it comes with a cool little floor mat, which can be used as a nice no-slip pad to place your Zune while driving. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t a good place to put the mat in my vehicle. Not wanting to waste such a nice piece…


Zune-Arts + Valentines = ?

The newest artist expression over at Zune-arts throws in some Valentine’s Day craziness. View at your own risk.    


Zune Combos

Because nobody reads the (online) manual anymore, I’ve collected the some of the common “keyboard” shortcuts for the Zune device and software. May this page provide you with a happier Zuning experience. Device Power On, Wake (while the device is off) Press Play Quick Sleep (while the device is on) Hold Play Full power off…


Zune == 1337 + 1

For all you music fans, we just launched an updated Zune player, which you can either get from Microsoft Update, or directly from the Zune site:   And if you haven’t seen it yet, we are offering a new line of custom art etchings just for Valentine’s day, plus a red 80gb Zune; all…