The Many Faces of Visual C++

Microsoft has an uncanny ability to confuse and befuddle users with the ever changing names of products across versions. Visual C++ is no stranger to this concept and I’m often left with trying to interpret some innocuous sounding statement into something meaningful to my simple mind.   You need to link with the VC8’s libs….


Crashed Conference Room (ɯooɹ)

So we have these fancy touch screen displays on the outside of our conference rooms which will tell us when the room is booked (and by whom). They are definitely handy as they help resolve the inevitable conflict when multiple groups arrive at the same time and then fight over who owns the room. They…


Off to StarWest

I’m off at StarWest, so the blog will be a bit quieter this week. If you happen to be in Anaheim, look for the pale bald guy.  


Digital LEGOs

So I recently ran across the LEGO Digital Designer, which is a free download enabling you to build your models all within the comfort of your own computer. I just need to figure out their file format so I can start building tests that way, otherwise I can envision this being a drain on my…

Compile First, then Check-In

We’ve had a recent rash of build breaks, so the team has been getting hardcore about requiring a co-worker review all check-ins and do a “buddy build” to ensure that everything is cool before the code gets inserted into the source control system. Well, yesterday we just had a build break where the code was…

New Old Group

Just a quick note to let you all know that I moved back over to the Xbox platform team today (the operating system and such). I will be fulfilling a different role, but it will be interesting to see how much of my old responsibilities cascade down to me for legacy reasons (1).   I…

The Ninjas Emerge

If a fellow employee looks me up in the address book, they will be informed that my title is “EMULATION NINJA”. Regardless to say, this continues to evoke the common “what’s with your title?” questions, especially since the original lore around this topic is quickly fading into obscurity. Interestingly, I’ve been getting this question a…


Social Experiment

So I ran across Michael’s post about being “Don’t Known” on LinkedIn, which prompted me to try an experiment: I went and invited Michael into my network just to see if he would accept or not based on the extremely minor interaction we had: he referenced me (or rather my title) a couple of years…