Upcoming Testing Conferences (2nd half of 2009)

Here is my semiannual post on testing conferences that will be occurring later this year.   CAST July 13 – July 16 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA ISSTA July 19 – July 23 Chicago, Illinois, USA softec July 20 – July 22 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia STANZ August 24 – August 25 Wellington, New Zealand STANZ August…


Upcoming Testing Conferences (1st half of 2009)

Here are the links and dates for some of the testing related conferences which are approaching.   Future Test February 24 – February 25 New York, New York, USA Swiss Testing Day March 18 Zürich, Switzerland ANZTB March 23 –  March 25 Sydney, Australia SEPG March 23 – March 26 San Jose, California, USA STP…


Off to StarWest

I’m off at StarWest, so the blog will be a bit quieter this week. If you happen to be in Anaheim, look for the pale bald guy.  


Upcoming Testing Conferences (2nd half of 2008)

I was talking with a test manager yesterday about recruiting opportunities, and he was wondering about what testing conferences were coming up in the (fairly) near future. So here is a listing of some of them:   STANZ August 11 – August 12 Wellington, New Zealand STANZ August 14 – August 15 Sydney, Australia softec…