Communication is Optional

Clear communication is essential to our jobs and yet it always amazes me how poorly we do it. I received this chart in an email (about stress results).       Now, the interesting part: I’ve just given you as much context as to the meaning of the chart (and the email) as the author…


Get Your Message Across: A Note on Creative Email Communication

I’ve created and emailed out many automated status reports during my career at Microsoft, consisting of everything from bug reports, to team status mails, to stress crash/uptime reports. And I’m sure that many of them immediately went into the trash. So here I’m going to throw out some information/tips which I’ve learned along the way….

Creating Calendar Items

It is nice to be able to allow team mates to optionally add meeting requests or reminders to their calendars through an informational email or web page. For example, if you have a website showing information on how team members can run a stress tool on their PC at night, you may want to provide…